Designing a happy & healthy workspace for your employees

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Designing a Happy & Healthy Workspace for your Employees

What makes the difference between an awesome workplace and a terrible one? It’s not always management, staff, or the tasks and roles that make up the workload, but often the difference can be the actual environment itself.

Nobody enjoys working in a place that’s depressing and drab. Staff will underperform and if they are unhappy they probably won’t stick around for the long term either. This leads us to the question – what are the elements of a healthy and happy workspace?

Windows and natural lighting

Studies have shown that workers exposed to daylight in the office are healthier, happier and have better sleep patterns than their co-workers who are more sunlight deprived. A room with windows adds so many healthy elements to a workplace that their value cannot be underestimated.

Working inside all day can heighten the sense of disconnection from the wider world in a way that is alienating and antithetical to creativity and unbridled expression. A simple window allows light, warmth, andthe opportunity to be able to see something new to provide visual cues that prompt a conversation and to experience oneself as being somehow vaster and more connected to the outer environment. Even a skylight can bathe a workplace in natural light and make one more aware of the natural cycles of wind, rain and sunshine.

Bright colors

Bright colors can really make a room sparkle and pop with energy, which can flow onwards to staff and dramatically affect their moods. Remember the old beige box computers that were once the only option on the market? Boring, boring, boring!

When manufacturers (Apple) designed computers in a range of bright colors they basically revolutionized the workplace and set the computer industry on fire. […]


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