Crafting the HR customer experience

Post van Michael Gretczko, Marc Solow en Maribeth Sivak, Deloitte, september 2016. Verbeter de HR customer experience in 5 stappen, op dezelfde wijze als je de customer experience aanpakt.

What if you could deliver an HR customer experience that is analogous to what big online retailers are doing to create a customized shopping experience, one in which HR customers are able to clearly see their options, access information, and take action more easily? What do you think the impact might be on your employment brand, retention, and engagement ratings? By applying design thinking to reimagine and architect the HR customer experience, companies can deliver an experience that feels more like a world-class retail experience—one in which HR customers perform activities digitally, both at their computer and on the go, in a way that can increase both engagement and satisfaction. Here’s an example of design thinking in action.

In business, the customer is king. Companies go out of their way to try to give customers the best experience possible, whether in a store, on the Internet, or through an app. The HR customer experience, however, is often very different. Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report revealed that there are more than 7 billion mobile devices in the world,1 and more than 40 percent of all Internet traffic is driven by these devices.2 Yet HR teams are often behind in deploying mobile-ready solutions. Fewer than 20 percent of companies deploy their HR and employee productivity solutions on mobile apps today.3

Employees, particularly Millennials, increasingly expect to interact with their employers via their mobile devices and they may think it’s strange when there isn’t a mobile app for recording their time, submitting expenses or accessing HR.

In our example, design thinking is being applied to create a prototype for a new HR app. The app is designed to be a single destination for HR services that connects employees to what matters most to them—from pay stubs to performance management and even a self-service help desk so employees and managers can clearly see their options and take action. The prototype can then be used to build out the actual solution.

Applying the design thinking framework
Design thinking is a structured process that can help solve problems and identify new opportunities by combining empathy, creativity, and user experience. At its core, it involves studying people at work, and developing “personas” to understand employee demographics, work environment, and challenges. It relies on generating ideas quickly and testing prototypes that generate further ideas, digital tools, and solutions.


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