Future of HR is no HR

Lauren Acurantes op hrdmag.com.sg. The future of HR is no HR. There are five ways that HR can fully embrace this digital transformation.

The future of HR is no HR,” said SAP SuccessFactors president Mike Ettling in the report, HR Leader’s Playbook: Digital Transformation. His rather poetic description of the future of the profession refers to the ways digital technology can help simplify and streamline HR practices that its functions start to become transparent. “In this way, HR transforms itself from a perceived complication to a seamless enabler of the business,” claimed the report.There are five ways that HR can fully embrace this transformation and the report lists down some innovative suggestions:

Engage employees
To fully maximise employee engagement, Ettling said that it is important “to make sure the right people are in the right roles with the right capabilities [and] to provide easy access to systems from anywhere, on any device, with a consumer-grade experience.”

Encourage employees to learn and innovate
“Move away from traditional learning methods and leverage online and mobile learning platforms,” said the report, […]

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