Building the employee experience

Blog van Paige Lansing Valle op The employee experience should reflect and drive your culture, helping employees live your promise and lead with purpose. So consider your entire employee journey from start to finish.

Building the Employee Experience

It’s no secret that the employee experience with HR has developed a bad rep. The reality is that most people associate HR with two things: hiring and firing. For many organizations, HR is rule enforcement, the behavior police, gliding in when the people problems arise. And even when employees do have a positive experience with HR, it’s often limited to the brief experience of onboarding.

Building Responsibility

We’ve mentioned that attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent is the top priority for executives today. And for most businesses, this responsibility falls on HR. It’s no small responsibility, either. The competition for top talent today is intense, and this talent often feels overwhelmed at the options, lost in a sea of thrown-around benefits, unsure if they really are a good fit, or confused about what their work experience would really be like.

And in a fervent search for the right people, businesses are now realizing that people want to be treated as just that, people. Not tools for production. Not numbers on a salary sheet. Not expendable workers. But people who are important to the present and future success of the business, who want to feel like their experience and work matters to employers. Money is no longer the sole motivating factor for talent today. Employees need to feel meaningfully connected to the brand they work for.

A Shift in Role

With the challenge of getting talent on board as top-of-mind, many agree that HR needs a rebrand. This means a shift in focus: away from money and people as resources and towards the creation and building of a holistic, compelling experience for employees. As a result, some organizations are saying “Bye, Bye, to Human Resources?” altogether.

In fact, several of the pioneering companies under-going this shift have renamed HR: “Employee Experience” or other people-centric terms that are among the most popular new names. Although notable, a name change isn’t enough to really elevate your brand and differentiate your workplace. The brand must also behave in a way that puts its people and their experiences first – at every touchpoint. And placing people at the center may be the most promising competitive advantage brands can create today.

Mavericks in the Move

Going against the grain is never easy, but HR leaders who want to succeed need to become mavericks. Building something that goes against the norm, challenges the status quo, and sees beyond the perceived limitations of HR, takes courage, hard work, and drive. […]

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