A Happiness-At-Work Checklist for HR Managers

Blog van Paula Clapon  op Contactzilla.com. Paula Clapon is de Marketing Officer van Hppy Apps, ‘an employee engagement software company committed to increase workplace happiness’. 

A Happiness-At-Work Checklist for HR Managers

Being an HR Manager is a challenging role. It’s not a fluffy responsibility where you get to talk to a couple of people and beautify offices. Managing human resources implies effectively organizing people and their work, developing competencies to enhance both individual as well as organizational performance, implement new technology and keep employees happy.

At Hppy, we decided to start with the last part of that job description: keeping employees happy. Our ROI was beyond expectations. We set out to track and measure what makes us come to work every day and give our best, what makes us find joy in our work and in our interactions. After a year, we got a lot of useful data. We found out what drives happiness in our team and what makes us unhappy.

That’s when we decided to create our Happiness-at-Work checklist, to follow-up on every couple of months and improve our workplace. And since giving makes people happier, we’d love to share our checklist with you.

Grab a pencil and start ticking:

1. Ask people how they feel


2. Find out why and act on it


4. Build a culture of feedback


5. Encourage people to identify and live up to their values


6. Invest in their growth


7. Empower employees


8.Design your workspace to fit your culture


9. Celebrate achievements


10. Celebrate people


11. Show that you really care and follow-up


Lees een toelichting op deze 11 tips in het originele artikel.


It always starts with your company, your team and how they feel. To develop your own Happiness-At-Work Checklist, you need to reach out to them and find out what makes them happy at work.

We really hope our ideas can help boost your company happiness and employee engagement. Let us know what you come up with! Join the conversation with @gethppy and @contactzilla on Twitter!

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