De 7 eigenschappen van de beste managers, volgens Facebook

Korte versie van een artikel van Richard Feloni op Business Insider UK, januari 2016. Facebook onderzocht de eigenschappen van haar beste managers en vond er 7. Facebook’s VP of People Lori Goler aan het woord.

At Facebook, employees know that they don’t need to become managers in order to be successful.

“The most important thing is that we choose managers who want to be managers,” Lori Goler, Facebook’s VP of people, told Business Insider. In order to determine what makes a manager excel at Facebook, a few years ago Goler and her team conducted a company-wide analysis of its roughly 12,000 employees to find which teams reported the highest levels of satisfaction and engagement.

They then reached out to these teams and asked them what it was about their bosses that made their work experience so rewarding. Seven behaviors stood out.

1. They care about their team members.

“It sounds basic, but it’s harder than it sounds in an organization that’s scaling quickly” to find these people, Goler said. Those who have that passion for leading a team are able to make personal connections with their employees and actually want to see them succeed.

2. They provide opportunities for growth.

Facebook’s HR team found that its employees who reported the highest levels of satisfaction with their boss felt like they were given opportunities to constantly learn and develop their skills.

3. They set clear expectations and goals.

Employees have two formal performance reviews each year, and feedback, whether positive or negative, should never be a surprise. All employees need to constantly know what is expected of them, as both individuals and members of a team, or else their manager has failed.

4. They give frequent, actionable feedback.

Giving regular feedback is a two-way street,” she said. The best bosses inform their teams of the feedback they’ve been getting from individual members as well as their own superiors.  When a team achieves this level of trust and transparency, they can adapt quickly and become more productive and effective.

5. They provide helpful resources.

The best managers don’t micro-manage, but they’re aware of where each of their employees is at so that they can remove any roadblocks that may be hindering progress and provide the insight or assistance to get a project done.

6. They hold their team accountable for success.

In order for employees to feel motivated, they need to know that their boss will adjust their responsibilities accordingly depending on their performance.

7. They recognize outstanding work.

And finally, the most engaged employees reported that they work in an environment where impactful results are celebrated.


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