10 great ways to keep your employees happy

Adam Ferraresi op gethppy.com. 10 tips om medewerkers happy te maken!

10 Great Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

How often do you think about if your employees are happy with their job? We’re not just talking about the paycheck and various perks they get (though those are important too), but how they genuinely feel about the work they do.

There are many types of leaders, but only the best ones are able to grasp the importance of their workers coming to the office ready to actually make a difference. Making your employees happy will result in the improvement of overall effectiveness in the working environment, as well as in better interpersonal relations.

Here are 10 great ways to keep your employees happy.

1. Start With Yourself

What kind of picture of yourself are you sending to your employees? If you are all-work-no-play, always strict and leave zero leeway for mistakes or innovation, you can be sure that your workers won’t be overjoyed when arriving to their office. The truth is you are the epicenter of your company, meaning that the tone and the energy of the people in it depend heavily on you. Also, think about your behavior and body language. There’s always room for a change from which could benefit both you and your employees.

2. Let Your Employees Know What’s Going On

One of the things that many people complain about their workplace is that they aren’t really sure what’s happening in the company most of the time. They are informed only about most important events, but aren’t really clued in about general workings and how they fit into them. Try granting a bit more information about what’s going on in the company, as much as you consider is prudent to share. This small gesture can get you a long way, because every person of the staff will feel more important and trusted by seeing their part in the clockwork mechanism that is your business.

3. Micromanagement? Don’t do it!

We just can’t accentuate this enough. Yes, your input is definitely valuable, but you should know when to stop. Not leaving any wiggle-room for your employees in their tasks completely shuts down their creativity and turns any assignment into a chore. Try to inspire your staff, even when it comes to most tedious of tasks. Also, if there is a project any of your employees is passionate about, let them pursue it, even if for just a few working hours weekly. You’ll notice their overall improvement almost instantly.

4. Praise Your Employees When They’ve Done Well

Another characteristic we don’t see often enough in our leaders. […]


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